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Welcome to SeventyEight

Inspiring home buyers for five decades

Housing trends come and go. Trust us. We’ve been watching them since the late 70s.

But what doesn’t change is a solid client builder relationship. A relationship built on knowledge and education, listening and understanding, and working together for positive outcomes. It’s some of the reasons we founded 78 Design Studio, an inspiring place where customers have access to insight and information on their home, their lifestyle, and how both intersect in surprising and amazing ways. 78 is a place where home buyers and designers can meet and share ideas and dreams. And through the selection process home buyers realize their wants and needs that best fit their lifestyle so those dreams can become a reality.

We're all about convenience

Our design professionals have carefully curated a selection of upgrades and design options so you can make all your selections easily in one location. We have streamlined the design process to provide you comfort in knowing everything will come together for your new home with ease and style.

The Start of Something New

Many purchasers come to 78 with a set of wants and expectations. Through their consultations, however, they discover something unexpected or different and a new course is charted. That is one of the great advantages behind 78 Design Studio: our decades of building experience can help guide clients to personalize their home in a way that best fits their lifestyle.

A team of experts

We can appreciate how overwhelming building a new home can be so our mission is to keep things exciting, light and creative. Collectively, we are here to guide you through the interior selection process making for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Bringing it all together

A single source design studio provides a building advantage for your new home. With one location for all design services, the ability to compare selections side by side is insurmountable. And 78 will help ensure that you’re keeping up with your decisions. Although you may need time to make that all-important flooring decision, the 78 team will ensure that you’re staying on pace and within your budget.